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Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore from the CW's "Vampire Diaries"
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  Community for Damon Salvatore/Bonnie Bennett from the CW's Vampire Diaries series.

Moderators: re_vitalized (Audrey) and farebeldesigns (Sasha).

damonsalvatore ;
the vampire. he’s a darkly handsome, strong, charming & smug vampire who can go from casual & playful to pure evil in less than a heartbeat. stefan’s older brother. ian somerhalder.

"soon we're heading to a place where i'll prove i'm all you want and more. you need to let it unfold, just like you're told. your secret's safe, and no one has to know i'm your getaway and a little bit more than you can take. i can make everything feel so good..."

bonniebennett ;
the psychic. bubbly, adorable, loyal & bighearted, she is elena’s best friend who is developing her psychic/witch abilities. katerina graham.

"my hands are searching for you, my arms are outstretched towards you. i feel you on my fingertips, my tongue dances behind my lips for you. this fire rising through my being, burning, i'm not used to seeing you. i'm alive; i can feel you all around me, thickening the air i'm breathing..."

01. All posts must be Damon/Bonnie related. Content involving the actors, Ian and Katerina, can be posted, but they must have mention of The Vampire Diaries series.
02. No flaming. Absolutely none. Your ass will be booted as a result.
03. Spoilers need to be marked as so and put under an LJ-cut.
04. Remember, this is a community for the tv series only. If you'd like to post about the books, scroll down for alternative communities.
05. Please tag your post. A list of tags can be found here.
06. Any large images/fanart should be placed behind an LJ-cut. Stretched out pages are fugs. Please use a thumbnail/preview image that is no larger than 500px.
07. Please limit icon teasers to a maximum of three icons. You can put the rest under a cut, or link them.
08. The community allows adult content, but still please put that kind of content behind an LJ-cut.
09. Posts about the book series are very much welcome. Just make sure to tag them appropriately (with the tag, misc: books).
10. Community promotion is no longer allowed. Please promote your community/Tumblr/twitter/etc by commenting in the Weekly Promotion post.

If you're posting a fanfic, please use this format, or something to this effect:


... and proceed to post your story behind an LJ-cut (or link to your journal if the fic is posted there prior to).

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