5x04: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Can we talk about this though...

They all chose what was important to them, remembering Bonnie. Caroline gave the pompom from their cheerleading days. Elena offered white feathers from the first floating. Tyler gave a white rose. Purity and beauty. Jeremy; a photo of them together. Matt; the whistle when they were lifesavers together.

And Damon gave back Emilys/Sheilas Grimoire.

Like he chose something so inherently personal to her, she was never without it. How'd he get it even? Did she leave it with him? Did he save it from their house, probably now being rummaged through and given to family. He could've kept it, along with the other witches things he's kept without regret or guilt to aid in his next task - there is power in those words penned by generations of her family. By her own hand.

This belonged to her. He gives something so precious back to her, because it wasn't just a memory of her, but a tribute of respect, because he knew how much it meant.

"I think he actually loves her."

I see no lies here.